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School Physicals Specialist

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When a new school year is right around the corner, book a school physical early to ensure your child is prepared. Dr. Richard Steslow is a family medicine physician who gives your child the time and premium care they deserve. He completes school and sports physicals at South Naperville Family Practice in Aurora, Illinois. Call to reserve your spot today, or book an appointment online.

School Physicals Q&A

What are school physicals?

School physicals are sometimes required for your child to attend school or play school sports.

During a physical examination, Dr. Steslow makes sure your child is ready (physically and mentally) to attend the upcoming school year, and offers vaccinations that many school districts require prior to enrollment.

Sports physicals are important to make sure it’s safe for your child to participate in physical activity. Some sports teams require a physical exam prior to participation, as it’s important to check for and rule out:

  • Dangerous heart defects
  • A weakened heart
  • An unsafe injury (a sprain or fracture, for example)
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Asthma or other breathing problems

Dr. Steslow lets you know if it’s safe for your child to attend school and participate in sports, and fills out the appropriate paperwork for school administrators.

How often does my child need a school physical?

Typically only once, before the start of a school year.

It’s best to schedule well child checkups for school-aged children annually, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. During this annual wellness visit, Dr. Steslow can complete a school or sports physical examination.

What can my child expect during a school physical?

Dr. Steslow provides caring, compassionate care to children of all ages — and his office is warm and welcoming.

During a school physical, Dr. Steslow may:

  • Go over your child’s medical history
  • Complete a head-to-toe physical examination
  • Measure your child’s height and weight to ensure proper growth and development
  • Complete a vision and hearing test if necessary
  • Listen to your child’s breathing
  • Check reflexes
  • Listen to your child’s heart
  • Rule out signs of injuries or serious medical conditions
  • Assess cognitive, social, and emotional development

Dr. Steslow also lets you know if your child is due for vaccinations, which are often required by school districts prior to registration. He may recommend certain vaccines based on your child’s age and lifestyle.

Once Dr. Steslow is sure your child has a clean bill of health, he’ll sign off required school physical forms.

When you’re ready to get the ball rolling and secure your child’s appointment for a school or sports physical, call South Naperville Family Practice today or book an appointment online.