It's time for a catch-up


Can you believe it's finally almost summer?

I thought it's about time I started a newsletter/blog to pass my favorite health and wellness ideas to my concierge patients. I will keep it short and sweet because we don't have enough time in life. So here I go!!!

With warmer weather coming soon, outdoor exercise is the way to go! Start a habit and start something.

If I would create a pill that would give you all the benefits of exercise, it would make trillions.

Exercise lowers the risk of many illnesses including simple colds and flu, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

It increases the nerve connections in the brain, lessens how much the brain shrinks with age, and helps to lower the risk of dementia.

What type of exercise to do?

The answer to that is what you enjoy and what fits into your schedule. A busy man with two children under 8 recently came into the office and my advice to him was to get outside after dinner and just play with your kids. No formal exercise is needed with the young ones. (My grandkids wear me out just watching them).

Keep it simple to begin with, short is better. 3 times a week or every other day. Don't overdo it or you will crash and burn.

Usually, it is good to start something easy such as an early morning walk or jogging program. The additional benefits of brightness in the morning helps to awaken us and allows for better sleep 14 hours later.

Begin it at a certain time every day to create a time habit. Have an accountability partner to keep you going too.

And remember, it has to be something you get joy out of or the activity will not continue.


Dr. Steslow

Dr Steslow Dr. Steslow has been in medicine for the past 38 years and has been running his office, South Naperville Family Practice, Ltd since 1992. He has been more recently focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and relationships/spirituality which are his 5 Pillars of Health. By having a basis on wellness, one is able to live in good health throughout your life. This idea is having a long "healthspan" where you are capable of doing what you want, instead of a "lifespan" where you have to depend on others as you get old. Dr. Steslow has incorporated a longevity program as part of his concierge program to focus on the things that are necessary including his 5 Pillars of Health, supplements, and even certain medications to potentially impact your aging process. Then you are able to feel your best! His aesthetics program assists one in looking your best using natural methods when possible. This combination is unique amount healthcare practitioners and is why we are special.

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